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The Direct Primary Care (DPC) healthcare model is an innovative alternative payment option improving access to quality healthcare with an affordable membership fee. 

No third party payers or fee-for-service contracts. This enables patients to have unprecedented access to their providers and for the providers to know each patient on a better level. The patient panel sizes are a fraction of what a conventional medical office sustains and the patient’s benefit by getting a better inter-personal experience. The provider’s benefit as well by the reduced panel size as their counterparts. This is just good medicine.

The DPC concept is not new and there are over 1,000 DPC clinics nationwide. Additionally, healthcare policy makers on the left and the right support the DPC model. Healthcare consumers now have significant options and access to quality healthcare.

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We use the latest advanced technology available including diagnostic radiology, laboratory studies and point of care labs and referrals to specialists, consultants and higher level of care as indicated.


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Patient Experience

No long wait times in a doctors office or emergency room. We travel to you whether at home, office or hotel room, (if you’re an out if town visitor). Patients receive unrestrictive access to their healthcare provider and communication within our practice is highly prized. No phone tree or elaborate voice mail ruse. We actually answer the phone.  longer appointments (in person, virtually, or phone.) 


A full coverage plan will cost about the monthly price of a cell phone, or cable bill or a Starbucks Latte per day per month month. Patients pay for their care directly to the practice. A great service for a reasonable price. No third parties or Fee for Service billing (“FFS”) to inflate costs or get in the way of great service.

Better Outcomes

A DPC model urgent care and family practice avoids a large portion of risk associated with existing practices by decreasing the patient panels a provider cares for and by decreasing the number of people involved in a conventional clinic visit. We know you personally thus personal service is increased and medical errors are greatly decreased as well. This is just good medicine.

Dr Rezai and his team go above and beyond because it’s just good medicine.

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